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Introducing the new KP-Series keypanels from RTS - the first professional intercom keypanels featuring built-in OMNEO IP technology. Get superior quality, simplicity and flexibility for your professional needs.


Configuration upload/download:
remotely configure any keypanel and edit/save keypanel configurations in AZ-Edit software
Supervisor mode (keypanel mirroring):
remotely configure any keypanel, adjust volumes and other parameters real-time on target panels from a supervisor panel
Real-time volume control via AZ-Edit software:
ensures that users can always hear instructions, even if their volume is turned to zero
Downloadable screensaver:
download a screen saver that is specific to you or your organization
Downloadable chimes:
download a set of chimes that is specific to you or your organization


Five-band equalizer:
for bass and treble adjustment
Noise gate:
adjust as required to reduce fatigue-causing line noise
Voice Mail:
leave messages for other users
Additional compression ratios:
offer more flexibility. In noisy environments, audio quality can be improved by the amount of compression. This option adds additional compression ratios of 4, 5, and 6 to the standard 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1.
OMNEO Aux Input
The Audio Software Package also provides six OMNEO AUX inputs in addition to the two standard inputs, giving you more configuration options for your matrix environment

RVON Codec Package

RVON Codec Package:
The field-proven RVON (RTS Voice over Network) codec for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables communications between users across long distances with superior sound quality compared to competitor software solutions.
KP-Series users now connect to matrices equipped with suitable RVON interface, such as the RVON-16 for ADAM/ADAM-M or RVON-C for Cronus matrices. RVON uses the G.711 narrowband audio protocol, providing toll-quality audio at 64 kbit/s.

1) The Audio and Control Software Packages are optional and can be installed on all KP-5032, KP-4016 and DKP-4016 keypanel models.

Streaming News

KP-5032 2 RU, 32 keys


2 RU, 32 keys

KP-4016 1 RU, 16 keys


1 RU, 16 keys

DKP-4016 Desktop/wall-mount, 16 keys


Desktop/wall-mount, 16 keys

EKP-4016 1 RU, 16-key expansion unit


1 RU, 16-key expansion unit

KP-3016(A) 1 RU, 16 keys, analog & IP connection


1 RU, 16 keys, analog & IP connection

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