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4 Channel DECT-Based Wireless Beltpack

Uninterrupted, high-quality and license-free audio based on DECT standard

The ROAMEO wireless intercom system is a professional, easy-to-use and future-proof solution based on the license-free DECT standard which operates in a protected frequency band. ROAMEO provides high-quality audio and seamless matrix integration to a large number of simultaneous users across a wide area. State-of-the-art technology guarantees optimized sound performance. Featuring a modern, rugged design, ROAMEO is suitable for a wide range of professional intercom applications where wireless communication is critical, including broadcast production studios, theater and sport event productions, houses of worship, commercial buildings and outside broadcast (OB) trucks. The system consists of the TR-1800 beltpack, the AP-1800 access point and optional accessories including charger, holster and pole-mount kit.

Fully integrated solution using state-of-the-art technology

Operating like a wireless keypanel, ROAMEO can be fully integrated into the ADAM family of RTS matrices. The system allows users to address individuals or specified groups. Connection to a digital matrix is easily established via a single Ethernet cable. In addition, the system can use standard IT infrastructure, which ensures easy installation and low maintenance costs. Access points may be daisy-chained.

Seamless roaming across wide areas

ROAMEO’s cellular structure can cover a wide area with superior audio and seamless roaming between the individual cells. Users can easily expand the coverage area by adding access points, while additional wireless beltpacks can be directly addressed as part of a wired RTS matrix intercom system. With two available audio codecs, the system administrator can choose between a higher emphasis on voice quality (G.722 full bandwidth) or a more efficient use of the radio spectrum with double the number of beltpacks (G.726 narrow-band).

User-friendly operation

The system can easily be configured on the TR-1800 beltpack through scroll lists or from a computer using the control software AZedit. Thanks to its large color TFT-display, intuitive icon-based menu structure and multi-language help screens, the TR-1800 beltpack is very easy to set up and operate. The four talk/listen buttons are shaped differently and provide users with a tactile feedback, allowing operation of the device in low light conditions and without the need to look at it. With its lightweight, durable housing, the beltpack has the smallest enclosure in its class and is protected against dust and light rain. The software of the TR-1800 beltpack can be upgraded easily using an USB Flash Drive.
Antenna Dual, internal
Battery Life 17 hours
Call Waiting Window Monochrome Characters
Depth 1.65" (42 mm) without clip
Depth (Shipping) 5.67" (144 mm)
Display Type 320x240 pixel color LCD
Frequency Response 300 - 7000 Hz (G.722), 300 - 3500 Hz (G.726)
Headsets 5-pin female XLR
Height 4.88" (124 mm)
Height (Shipping) 3.9" (99 mm)
IP-rating IP-52
Keys 4x2 + reply and clear
Languages 10
Max BPs/AP 5 (G.722), 10 (G.726)
Max BPs/system 40
Menu keys 4
RF Frequency Range 1880-1900 (EU), 1920-1930 (NA)
RF range, typical 50-75 m indoor, 150-200 m outdoor
RF Standard DECT
Roaming Full, automatic
User Interface Icons plus text
Voice Codecs G.722 (wideband) / G.726 (narrowband)
Voice latency (ms) Approx 40 ms BP to BP; 30 ms BP
Weight 12.31 oz (349 g) with clip and battery
Weight (Shipping) 0.03" (0.7 mm)
Width 4.02" (102 mm)
Width (Shipping) 9.61" (244 mm)


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ROAMEO PoE 703 KB | 8 November 2017
ROAMEO Wiring Architecture 1.7 MB | 2 February 2017
RTS Application Guide 14.92 MB | 17 April 2019

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ROAMEO Brochure (AR) 999 KB | 2 October 2017
ROAMEO Brochure (DE) 973 KB | 2 October 2017
ROAMEO Brochure (EN) 1.06 MB | 10 January 2018
ROAMEO Brochure (ES) 965 KB | 2 October 2017
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ROAMEO Brochure (ZH) 1.27 MB | 2 October 2017

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RTS Full-Line Catalog 6.95 MB | 15 August 2018

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BeltPack_Iso_FrontRight.png 1.88 MB | 7 February 2017
BeltPack_Display_Front.png 2.28 MB | 7 February 2017
BeltPack_Display_Top.png 1.05 MB | 7 February 2017
BeltPack_Iso_Front.png 2.42 MB | 7 February 2017
BeltPack_IsoLow.png 2.05 MB | 7 February 2017
BeltPack_Ortho_Bottom.png 2.45 MB | 7 February 2017
BeltPack_Ortho_Front.png 2.48 MB | 7 February 2017
BeltPack_Ortho_Rear.png 2.64 MB | 7 February 2017
T-1800-Beltpack-Ortho-Bottom.jpg 297 KB | 7 February 2017
TR-1800-Beltpack.jpg 383 KB | 7 February 2017

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EC Declaration of Conformity 394 KB | 1 August 2017
TR-1800 / AP-1800 Manual 6.08 MB | 29 August 2017
TR-1800 Quick Start Card 408 KB | 29 August 2017

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TR-1800 Technical Data Sheet 349 KB | 29 August 2017

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