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Electricity Distribution Company Two-way Radio Communication Network

January 1, 2006


A large electrical transmission and distribution company in the Northeast United States needed to update their 20 year-old, two-way radio network. The company’s consistency, convenience, and clarity of communication had been suffering as a result of the antiquated system. Also, consolidation and acquisitions had left the company with multiple incompatible radio systems throughout their facilities.


  • Improve communication clarity and consistency.
  • Centralize "trouble centers" and dispatching activities.
  • Expand command and control capabilities.
  • Maintain lineman safety.
  • Improve coordination of on-site responders during storms or emergencies.
  • Maintain redundant communication systems.
  • Utilize existing equipment.


Telex Radio Dispatch Solutions Provided:

  • Common interface for all existing radio systems, connecting all users with no radio replacement.
  • Multiple redundant dispatch locations, maintaining 24/7 network availability and on-demand management supervision of communications.
  • Multi-tiered console views for scalability of geographic dispatch control.
  • Used Wide Area data Network (WAN), eliminating the need for costly dedicated connections to radio towers – lower cost and fewer potential failure points.
  • Integrated Automatic Number Identification (ANI), improving response time and dispatch control.
  • Telephone interconnection for coordination with public safety officials.


  • Consolidated four dispatch centers into two.
  • Eliminated multiple dedicated lines and radio tower bridge hardware installations saving as much as $2,000 per month per tower.
  • Saved more than $200,000 on third-party ANI system.
  • Three-week installation time saved three to five weeks of engineering time.


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