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Hangar 63 Showcases Telex Aviation Headsets

May 1, 2007

The industry leader in general and commercial aviation headsets, Telex partnered with Hangar 63 to design and install an informative Telex display area that enables customers to view the complete line of Telex headsets more easily, to select the model that precisely addresses their aviation needs.

"We appreciate Telex providing us with a custom-designed display for our new store," says Pam Charles, Sales Associate at Hangar63. "Our customers spend time at the display comparing the different models, trying on several models before deciding on what they want. They especially like Telex headsets because they can precisely alter the tension adjustment for a very comfortable fit."

Hangar63 is located at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport right next to Banyan’s new FBO terminal building. Besides Telex aviation headsets, Hangar63 carries a full stock of pilot and aircraft supplies, parts, hardware, tools, charts, apparel, books, magazines, electronics, gifts, sunglasses, flight bags and aviation-related items.

With over 6,500 square-feet of store and office space, Hangar63 may be the largest aviation store in the United States—a unique experience for all pilots and aviation aficionados. Upon entering the store, visitors will notice a compass rose embedded in the floor, the overhead sounds of jets taking off, and taxiways that lead to either runway 8 or runway 13, complete with runway lights. The store contains an airport tower that houses portable electronics and communications equipment. In addition, guests can sit in the cockpit of a GII fuselage and fly using simulator software. The store is open seven days a week and can be visited on the Web at

For more information about Banyan or Hangar63, contact Nancy Bouvier, Marketing Director, 954-492-3552,


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