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Leading medical congress ensures communication with RTS and OMNEO

November 25, 2014

Press Contact: Helmut Seidl

  • 12 000 visitors attend official congress of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions in Paris
  • CSE charged with responsibility for communications inside venue and with hospital centers worldwide
  • RTS intercoms and OMNEO IP-architecture form heart of communication
Paris/Straubing, November 2014 EuroPCR, the official congress of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI), is the leading annual course in interventional and cardiovascular medicine. Held 2014 at the Palais Des Congrès in Paris, the four-day event drew more than 12 000 visitors. Additionally to talks, the possibility to network and to learn the latest regarding research and development, the EuroPCR also consists of live transmissions of cardiologic surgery and communication with distant heart specialists. The main theater, four main meeting rooms and dozens of smaller meeting rooms all received live satellite feeds from cardiologic surgery performed in 17 remote hospital centers worldwide. In total, 80 hours of surgery are transmitted from operating rooms in Europe, the Middle East and Asia over the course of the congress.

To ensure communications at all times, the organizers brought in Concept Sonore Evènement (CSE). The Muret based audio-visual expert was responsible for the entire intercom equipment enabling coordination between the technical and medical teams, the five main meeting areas and the audio master control rooms. Additionally, CSE ensured communication to five of the remote hospital centers. To realize such an extensive project, CSE knew it had to surpass the convention center's installed intercom system and brought in a complete intercom system from RTS - consisting of RTS matrices, color display keypanels and the IP-based media networking architecture OMNEO.

In Paris' Palais Des Congrès, CSE equipped each of the five main meeting areas with its own control room. All five individual control rooms were linked to the RTS ADAM-M matrix located in the temporary master control room using the IP-based media networking architecture OMNEO, a fiber network and a star architecture. "This type of matrix modularity allows one single matrix with more than 180 ports in use, instead of multiple matrices linked together", says Luc Filaretos, CEO of CSE. "This not only meant we could get the system up and running faster, it also ensures failsafe operation through only a single point of failure." For Filaretos, the OMNEO architecture was the star of the installation: "OMNEO allows the transport and easy control of audio over a fiber network. This is means it is incredibly easy to be deployed and extremely practical as it reduces the amount of cables that need to be installed. Additionally, OMNEO ensures extraordinary audio quality along with lowest levels of latency."

Using 64 MADI, 64 OMNEO and 64 analogue ports to connect the external devices, the matrix managed all incoming and outgoing audio signals - both to and from the remote hospital centers. 14 RTS CLD keypanels ensured user-friendly communication with each team member. Choosing RTS equipment brought numerous benefits, recalls Filaretos: "Thanks to their colored displays, the CLD keypanels offered an easy color distinction between technical and medical users. We used one color for each of the two types of users which could so be easily identified. This was a large benefit especially for the users of the medical teams as they easily knew which button to press as we could so avoid any operating errors."

In the remote hospital centers, it was again RTS that ensured communications went smoothly. Each site CSE relied on a RTS Zeus matrix and RTS color display keypanels. Due to the absence or difficult access to the local network connection, communication with the congress took place in a 4-wire mode.

About OMNEO:

The Bosch OMNEO architecture allows the transport and easy control of audio, video and other data over IP networks satisfying highest levels of sound quality as well as synchronization whilst ensuring lowest levels of latency in a highly reliable and secure set up at competitively low system cost due to the use of standard IT components and lower installation as well as maintenance cost.

OMNEO is based on two key technologies - the media transmission component Dante from Audinate Pty, Australia and the system-control component OCA (Open Control Architecture) - and is enhanced by Bosch specific features. OMNEO provides highest interoperability, flexibility, reliability and future-proof technology by utilizing open public standards. Additionally OMNEO comes with specific advanced features to even allow for mission-critical and life safety system applications. The technology provides a number of options for the interconnection of equipment from different manufacturers also outside of the traditional audio or intercom applications. An OMNEO media networking architecture can be scaled to include up to 10,000 nodes and can interoperate across multiple IP subnets and long distance for complex network designs and applications.


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