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RTS Intercom Systems releases audio and control software packages for KP-Series intercom keypanels at NAB 2016 (booth C5409)

April 18, 2016
  • Audio and control software packages for KP-Series intercom keypanels enhance functionality and flexibility - available now with one-time-only fee
  • Applies to all KP-5032 and KP-4016 keypanel models, including the latest family member - the DKP-4016 desktop and wall-mount keypanel
Las Vegas, NV (April 18, 2016): RTS is pleased to announce the introduction of two new packages for its KP-Series keypanels at NAB 2016, designed for high-tech users including large broadcasters and organizations with more demanding requirements for audio performance and remote control.

The audio and control software packages represent a completely new way to enhance the functionality and investment value of existing RTS hardware. Each software package can be installed on all current KP-Series keypanels (KP-5032 and KP-4016 models), including the latest family member, the DKP-4016 desktop and wall-mount keypanel, which also debuts at NAB.

The licensing model is based on the number of keypanels in which the software packages are installed. A one-time-only fee means there are no recurring payments. Once installed, the two packages create customized audio/control functionality that meets the most demanding requirements. All additional functions fit the visual language of the KP-Series graphic user interface, making them immediately familiar and user friendly.

Audio software package features:
  • Five-band equalizer - adjust volume level within five pre-defined frequency bands; users can fine-tune audio to their individual preferences
  • Noise gate - adjust as required to reduce fatigue-causing line noise
  • Voice messaging - leave messages for other users
  • Additional compression ratios - to offer more flexibility. In noisy environments, audio quality can be improved by the amount of compression. This option adds additional compression ratios of 4:1, 5:1 and 6:1 to the standard 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1.
Control software package features:
  • Configuration upload/download - remotely configure any keypanel and edit/save keypanel configurations in AZ-Edit software
  • Supervisor mode (keypanel mirroring) - remotely configure any keypanel, adjust volumes and other parameters in real-time on target panel
  • Real-time volume control - ensures that users can always hear verbal instructions, even if their volume is turned to zero
  • Downloadable screensaver - download a screen saver that is specific to you or your organization
  • Downloadable chimes - download a set of chimes that is specific to you or your organization
About KP-Series: The first intercom keypanels with OMNEO IP technology on board, the KP-Series sets a new milestone within the RTS product range. They combine HD color displays, enhanced single-key operation and full compatibility with all existing RTS matrices - all in a modern, ergonomic design. KP-Series keypanels are suitable for a wide range of intercom customers, including broadcast production studios, performance and sports venues, houses of worship, and outside broadcast (OB) trucks.

About OMNEO IP technology: By utilizing both industry and open public standards, OMNEO provides future-proof technology with the highest level of interoperability, flexibility, reliability and resilience. OMNEO is based on two key technologies - the media transmission component Dante (from Audinate) and the system-control component OCA (Open Control Architecture). OMNEO enables a secure set up at competitively low system cost due to the use of standard IT components, along with lower installation and maintenance costs.

For further information, please visit

The latest KP-Series model, the DKP-4016 desktop keypanel, also fully supports the optional audio and control package upgrades.

The two software packages create customized audio/control functionality that meets the most demanding requirements.

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RTS is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of intercom solutions. From the Advanced Digital Audio Matrix systems used to coordinate major network broadcasts of the world's largest events to small-format systems used for in-house productions, RTS is dedicated to innovating the future of global communications.


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