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Russia's largest multifunction hall with TELEX/RTS intercom system

February 8, 2010
  • With seats for over 6,200, the new Crocus City Hall in Moscow is the largest multifunction hall in Russia.
  • The Russian service provider Theater Technics and Technology (TTT) installed a comprehensive TELEX/RTS intercom system – the heart of which is a Cronus digital matrix.

With the opening of the Crocus City Hall, Moscow now boasts the largest multifunction hall in Russia. Opened at the end of last year and seating over 6,200 with excellent acoustics, the new hall not only offers an attractive venue for national and international stars but also – thanks to the flexibility of its design – a wealth of other possibilities: the 4,500-square-metre hall is capable, for example, of serving as a venue not only for conferences and AGMs but also for theatrical productions and television shows.

To provide easy and reliable communications for such a diverse range of events, the Russian service provider Theater Technics and Technology (TTT) installed in the new hall a lavish intercom system from TELEX/RTS. The centerpiece of the installation is a Cronus digital matrix. By itself in the standard configuration, the Cronus makes 32 ports available, but by combining four such units, as here, it is possible to obtain a 128-port matrix. Through the use of fiberglass cables, distances between the frames of such a system can be extended to 15 km without any loss of signal quality.

A further key factor in the choice of matrix was the fact that the Cronus is the only system on the market to offer a frequency offset between input and output which reduces feedback susceptibility by up to 8 dB. Another decisive advantage of the Cronus is that it allows up to 30 users to undertake configuration changes simultaneously over the integrated local area network (LAN). For live TV productions in particular, this is an enormous advantage.

In addition to the intercom matrix, Moscow's new prestige venue is equipped with a UHF RadioCom wireless system from TELEX. This offers up to three audio channels as well as the ClearScan technology that makes it possible to automatically locate the best available radio frequencies as soon as the system is launched.

Comments TTT Project Engineer Valery Babin: "The feedback we've been receiving on the installed system has been nothing short of euphoric. Whether sound engineers or directors – everyone is amazed by the tremendous sound quality and user-friendliness of the new intercom system."
"We equipped the hall with TELEX/RTS intercoms in order to guarantee uninterrupted wired and wireless communication between key personnel," adds Pavel Deynekin, the company's Managing Director. "Our primary objective was to make it possible for the assistant director to control concerts. The TELEX/RTS equipment also provides uninterrupted full duplex communication between the control booths of the sound engineer and lighting director. The TELEX system is also used to convey messages to the green room and give the actors their cues, whilst the radio channel is reserved for instructions to the sound support, stage lighting and stage machinery departments."

About Crocus City Hall

Part of the Crocus City trade, entertainment and exhibition complex just outside Moscow, Crocus City Hall meets all the expectations placed upon a multifunction hall in a modern metropolis. Not only are its acoustics excellent but it boasts the scale (6,200 seats, a 4,500-square-metre auditorium and a 712-square-metre stage) and also the ancillary premises (green rooms, dressing rooms, wardrobe...) required for the staging of everything from drama productions, concerts, lectures, conferences, annual general meetings, corporate events to business forums and even TV shows. Since its opening at the end of 2009, Crocus City Hall has already played host to musical acts as diverse as Tarkan, the Electric Light Orchestra, Sarah Connor, the Backstreet Boys and James Last.


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