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Telex ROIP heads for the Stratosphere

January 1, 2006
American Casino & Entertainment Properties LLC (ACEP LLC) recently upgraded their internal telecommunications network with Telex ROIP equipment, bringing a new level of flexibility and user-friendliness to day to day communications between their four main properties: the Stratosphere (Las Vegas, NV), Arizona Charlie’s Boulder (Las Vegas, NV), Arizona Charlie’s Decatur (Las Vegas, NV) and the Aquarius (Laughlin, NV).

Telecommunications Specialist Melissa E. Lawney described how the new Telex equipment is making a difference:

“The time had come to consolidate our corporate communications into a centralized PBX at our Stratosphere office. However, it soon became clear that each of our four properties utilized their PBX department quite a bit differently, with some dispatching shift details to chefs, for example, as well as providing guest service information. We needed a suitably flexible ROIP solution to interface with our IP-based call center PBX platform, and one with a GUI that could be easy configured to accommodate each department’s regular working practices.”
The ACEP telecommunications team contacted Myron Wendel at McIntosh Communications, who recommended the Telex IP-223 / C-Soft system as a solution. A Telex engineer also sat down with representatives from each property to discuss their system design requirements, specifying a system to precisely address their needs.
“That hands-on support was very important,” Lawney continues, “as it gave us the reassurance that the system could adapt to our needs, not vice versa. Now each site and each operator has a far more sophisticated system at their fingertips, but one that is as familiar and intuitive as what they were using before.”

The standard screen configuration used at all four sites is broken down by property and shows the four most important channels each PBX department has to monitor.
“Our PBX operators need to stay focused on the phones and providing guest service rather than navigating screens or using complicated technology,” Lawney adds. “The interoperability between the phones, the GUI on the computer screen and the IP-223 systems behind the scenes is as user-friendly as it is technologically seamless. The operators have the usual buttons that you would see on a regular radio-base station on their screens and they channels are arranged so that they can see them clearly without scrolling; they don’t need to do anything beyond click on an onscreen button to view, scan and send the call messages out."

“Working with McIntosh and Telex was a great experience. There were no issues, no down time and the system is a perfect fit for us.”

The Telex IP-223 IP network remote adapter

The Telex IP-223 IP network remote adapter provides a reliable means of remotely controlling up to two two-way radio base stations. The adapter can be used in conjunction with all Telex IP-based consoles and software consoles.

The most versatile radio controller available today, the IP-223 provides ultimate compatibility with new radio frequency standards.

  • Convert existing analog dispatch equipment to IP backbone
  • Extend the reach and capacity of your communication infrastructure
  • Control all radio functions
  • Transmit audio and control information via Ethernet connection
  • Link multiple IP-223s with its flexible, modular design


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Telex is pleased to announce the global launch of the IP-224, the next generation of Ethernet adapter panel to form the heart of the Telex dispatch system. This addition to its dispatch line will ensure Telex remains the industry’s most reliable, scalable, and flexible family of products for coordinating critical communications.

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