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User-friendly universal beltpacks from RTS for party-line intercom deployments

September 20, 2017
  • High performance beltpacks BP-4000 and BP-5000 from RTS with intelligent features and a new styling in a rugged IP-53 rated housing
  • Cost-efficient, easy-to-setup and easy-to-operate devices
  • Auto-detection recognizes wiring schemes of all industrial standards and configures beltpacks according to type of system plugged in
Amsterdam/Straubing, September 2017 – RTS is introducing new partyline products at the IBC show in Amsterdam. The new beltpack models BP-4000 (single-channel version) and BP-5000 (dual-channel version) come in a new design and a plug and play concept helping rental companies and large broadcasters to improve their performance and save time and money. The new partyline beltpacks are designed for professional use and the specific needs of larger broadcast productions with fixed user positions. The RTS BP-4000/BP-5000 allows users to cover larger distances without requiring additional equipment such as repeaters – making the partyline solution from RTS a cost-effective alternative. The devices are available with either 4- or 5-pin XLR headset connectors allowing for a wide range of headset options; both dynamic and electret headset microphones are supported.

Intelligent Power Management
RTS has equipped the new BP-4000 and BP-5000 beltpacks with smart power management technology. In comparison to previous RTS beltpacks, the BP-4000 and BP-5000’s overall power consumption is significantly reduced. The reduced current draw is not only eco-friendly, it also allows users to power up to 40 daisy-chained beltpacks using only a single power supply (PS-20). A current pump circuit constantly monitors the cable length versus the actual current consumption to ensure the beltpacks receive the voltage they need.

Voice guided setup and Wiring Scheme Detection
Once plugged in, the beltpack automatically recognizes the wiring scheme and configures the unit for either the Audiocom, RTS or Clear-Com format. The setup of the beltpacks is simplified by voice guidance – short prompts help the user navigate through the menu options, eliminating the need to configure internal jumpers or switches. The devices can be easily reset to factory defaults by activating one of the menu items – a handy and practical feature especially for rental houses. Firmware updates can be carried out via the devices’ USB ports without the need to open the units.

Practical Functions
An enhanced talk button control now offers the choice between “always on,” “always off” or “switching”. In addition to a blinking incoming call lamp as visual feedback, the BP-5000 two-channel beltpack from RTS provides the user with immediate haptic feedback of an incoming call using a vibration alert. This feature helps avoid missing calls when talking on another channel or when the incoming call lamp needs to be switched off during a production.

The remote mic-kill function allows any user to send an inaudible “microphone kill signal” which instantly mutes every beltpack mic in the partyline. This feature can be useful when a user has inadvertently left the mic open, to avoid undesired background noise in the line. Users who wish to continue speaking can simply engage their microphone again. It is also possible to override the mic-kill function.

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