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1 RU, 16-key expansion unit

OMNEO Open Media Networking Standard

The new KP-Series is future-proof and so is your communication. The unparalleled flexibility features automatic hardware recognition plus the technology of OMNEO, so you get full backward compatibility and easy scalability.

Full IP Connectivity and TCP-IP Layer 2 & 3 Compatibility

Out with the old and in with the more intuitive. The new design and an enhanced user interface enable easier understanding and improved operation. The software provides simple and intuitive navigation of menus, with the most commonly used features easily accessible.

Advanced Signal Processing and AD/DA

Get high-quality audio transmission every time. The new keypanel family features two echo cancellation modes, plus quick AD/DA conversion – ensuring ultra-low latency and reducing noise, echo, delay and other malfunctions found in older technologies.

User-Friendly, High-Res Color Display

Get high quality, inside and out. The new KP-Series keypanels feature a unified design, including color, contrast, resolution and viewing angle for complete communication harmony. Plus, multiple controls through ergonomically-designed levers.

Backward compatibility

All KP-Series keypanels are compatible with older technologies such as analog audio in USOC and 568-B connector formats.

Enhanced navigation menus

Optimized for ease of use.
LCD Display Active Area 120.10mm x 18.77mm
LCD Display Color Resolution 16-bit (64K) RGB color
LCD Display Dot Resolution 576x90
LCD Display View Angle 80° (typical; all directions)


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KP-Series Brochure 1.69 MB | April 16, 2019

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RTS Full-Line Catalog 6.95 MB | August 15, 2018

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RVON Codec for KP-Series v1.2.2 8.45 MB | August 22, 2016

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KP-Series Flyer 6.37 MB | March 26, 2015

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LeftCU_EKP4016.png 5.18 MB | February 9, 2015
BackPerspective2_EKP-4016.png 4.88 MB | February 9, 2015
BackStraight_EKP4016.png 3.52 MB | February 9, 2015
FrontHero_EKP4016.png 1.61 MB | February 9, 2015
FrontPersp_EKP4016.png 2.02 MB | February 9, 2015
FrontStraight_EKP4016.png 1.81 MB | February 9, 2015
LeftHero_EKP4016.png 5.15 MB | February 9, 2015
LeftPersp_EKP4016.png 4.73 MB | February 9, 2015
RightCU_EKP4016.png 8.2 MB | February 9, 2015
RightHero_EKP4016.png 6.65 MB | February 9, 2015
RightPersp_EKP4016.png 7.66 MB | February 9, 2015

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OMNEO Resource Guide 1.04 MB | May 5, 2016

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EKP-4016 Technical Data Sheet 537 KB | August 16, 2018

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EMEA BT Service Policies 227 KB | June 11, 2018

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