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RTS® VLink – Access Your RTS Matrix
Intercom, Anywhere, Anytime

RTS VLink is a new, fully interconnected software application
that enables remote users to interface with RTS matrix
intercoms, allowing an unprecedented degree of
control and flexibility from anywhere in the world.


More mobile, less hassle

RTS VLink places professional-grade communications control on the
laptops, tablets, and smartphones that are now accompanying handheld
cameras in the field and in the studio, bringing greater immediacy
to the broadcasting of sports, entertainment, and news.

Full intercom linking via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi lets remote correspondents and
crews skip the extra equipment and complicated setup of dedicated lines
and focus instead on being in the heart of the action, wherever it is.



RTS VLink enhances productivity for technical managers, allowing remote
administration of intercom systems that would require an on-site
presence to configure and troubleshoot.

The extensive control and supervision capabilities of RTS VLink software may.
be securely accessed over the Internet from any on- or off-site location.
This allows multiple systems to be administered from a single point,
increasing efficiency and reducing time spent in transit.


Easily bring more people into the conversation

RTS VLink extends your RTS intercom to any location with Internet
access, turning – for example– a standard conference room or hotel suite
into an executive monitoring lounge offering full two-way communication
with production facilities such as control rooms and video trucks.

Whether the people you need to talk to are in the same facility, across
town, or thousands of miles away, RTS VLink ties them into your main
intercom via standard Internet connections or a dedicated secure LAN,
WAN, or VPN – all without running cable or leasing lines.