VLink System Diagram with Traditional Trunking Connection

The standard VLink system provides full integration into RTS hardware matrix systems via trunking.

Audio connection from an RTS hardware matrix can be made with analog AudioFire 12 Device Interface or with MADI via PCI MADI cards.

Full integration into an RTS hardware matrix allows full mapping of all intercom alphas and provides the ability for VLink Control Panel users to interact with RTS hardware keypanel users in the same facility, across town, or thousands of miles away.

VLink and VLink LE are EBU Tech 3347 compliant.


  • Anywhere, anytime access – The perfect solution for users that need secure, intelligent access to their RTS matrix, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Flexible configuration – Scale the system to any number of ports (in eight-port blocks). Purchase only the capacity you need.
  • Full integration into RTS matrix intercom systems – Allows full mapping of all intercom alphas.
  • Fully DCHP compliant – Operates over open Internet connections. Secure access can be employed with a standard VPN connection.
  • SIP support – Full SIP support, to and from the matrix.
  • Flexible connectivity – Provides a variety of connection methods, including MADI, analog, or Firewire connections.
  • True mobility – Access an RTS matrix via the Internet, using a Wi-Fi/3G connection.